Thursday, November 3, 2011

Coffee Enema Anyone?

Not too long ago I had the pleasure of finding out exactly where my coffee was going once it left my shop.  After the volunteered info that the coffee I was roasting was actually being consumed by one of my customers through the "non-traditional end" for a colon cleanse, I began to wonder what the procedure entailed.  Colon cleansing was thought to have started with the Ancient Egyptians and has since been credited and dis-credited through the decades.  In the early 1900s coffee was added to the mix and has been used by some as a sub for the usual saline solution ever since. 

So why coffee?  Well aside from you being extra hip because you used coffee instead of totally un-hip saline, people do believe coffee is a better alternative.  Supposedly coffee goes right to the liver and creates a strong toxin avenger.  It then helps the liver to create more bile which carries most of the toxins to the small intestines and out of your body.  This cleans the liver and allows it to process the incoming toxins faster so they do not sit there just being toxic in your body.  Sounds pretty cool right?

But wait....before you run to Bean Traders to get that half bag of low-acidity Brazil must understand there is also a big risk with any colon cleanse especially coffee.  Do I need to mention the coffee should be completely cooled before you start?

Here are some more risks.

Still interested in using our coffee in more than one way?  This is a good article to start you on that journey.

When I looked up "Coffee Enema"!
 Really TMI in that picture category...but I liked this one.

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