Friday, January 6, 2012

Barista Extraordinaire

Let me begin by saying Dave's "Roastmaster Brews" blog has been hijacked.  My name is Christy Chapman and I have something important to say.  So that my naturally scattered and somewhat rambling nature doesn't take over this piece, allow me to start from the beginning:

Jan 5 2012   2-4 pm

Quality checking our coffee and brew machines in various ways and by default consuming way too much caffeine.  Then trying one of our new bagels (which rocked btw).

Fast Forward                                                                                                                         

Jan 5 2012  10:30 pm                                                                                                                                  
                                                                                                                                                           Doing my nightly routine of Bean Traders paperwork while obsessing over new ideas and products for the shop---social media postings (ok yes I did update my personal FB status as well---although I blame that on the caffeine ingested earlier)---ordering things we needed yesterday----and just general obsessing about our business, I thought to myself  "I really need to get Dave to post on his blog".  That led me down a path of becoming annoyed that he hasn't posted in over a month---and although I know it is my job to gently remind people to get their tasks done---why can't he just do a post without my prod.  As I was thinking this and feeling the caffeine still pumping through my very awake body---I realized I was being somewhat irrational in my expectations since we just ended our busiest season in our retail and wholesale departments.  Both of which he works full-time. 

 Please stay with me---my point is right around the corner.

So as I am thinking about him working so much I fondly started picturing him behind the bar in the mornings- which naturally led me to start fantasizing about my morning latte.  Oh how I love that man's espresso beverages!  This fantasy then carried me to the Indy Best Of Award.  (if you know me well you totally get that my brain is in a constant stream of thought---if you do not know me that well, I think you may be starting to get the picture....and I am sorry)                                   

So yeah---the Indy Awards---why has Dave not won The Best Barista in the Triangle???

Look I am not one for ever campaigning----it actually makes me feel really uncomfortable to ask people to say our business is the best.  I know so many gracious and generous customers and friends who frequent our shop all the time and in 12 years I have never even asked them to give us a good review on the various review sites.  I believe that would not give us an honest assessment of our business, and frankly I would feel dishonest if we courted people into doing things that made us look good.  Do I secretly wish more would participate---I would be lying if I said no.  But I do believe the natural flow of that stuff is best.  When various contests come up I might post once...maybe even twice something like "if you love us don't forget us!"   That just feels best....and we feel more genuinely happy when we win something. However, this is not about Bean Traders, this is about the awesome Barista who makes my drink every morning! So now I really must get to my convoluted point....
I believe Dave Chapman, Barista Extraordinaire, is The Best Barista in the Triangle! We all know he makes a supreme beverage--he has personally made 3 out of my top 5 all time best espresso beverages (of course #1 was his)---and I have tried A LOT of espresso beverages from various places.  But aside from that, he has been a full-time Barista for 12 years.  Serving hundreds of people a day 6 or 7 days a week for 12 years and counting. 
                                                                                                                                                        However that is just the tip of the cappuccino's micro-froth.  This is the guy who gets the raw beans dropped to his door step----lugs the 10+ 130-150 pound bean bags into his warehouse every 2 weeks with only his bare hands and broken body----roasts those beans 3-4 times a week to perfection by himself---delivers them to our store and other wholesale clients---then gets up at 5am almost every morning to grind, brew, and serve said beans....for 12 years. With, might I add, a pretty mellow and sweet disposition. 

And to just come full-circle....he makes an absolutely delicious beverage.

So if you have had the honor (like I have) of being a customer of ---as one person put it---possibly the best Barista in the world Dave Chapman, please remember him when that contest comes up and take the time to vote for him.  He totally deserves it, and I know it would secretly make his year. 


  1. I don't claim to be a "coffee connoisseur" but I know a good latte when I taste it and I have to agree that Dave is a Barista Extraordinaire! He totally deserves "The Best Barista in the Triangle" award! So when and where do I vote? :) I can't believe how hard he works with coffee beans - transporting, roasting, grinding, brewing, everything but picking the beans off the tree! and like you said, Christy, he does it all "with a mellow and sweet disposition" and might I add humble? When I complimented his latte he just smiled and said "just wait until you taste one of Christy's lattes." I think you got a keeper!

    -jen robinson

  2. Thanks Jen! (Christy again) I have no idea when it is lol! I had to write the above because I felt it hit me strong last night, but I do not think the voting is anytime soon. However,I will re-post when I hear it is happening.

  3. Voting just started! Boy was I wrong about it not being anytime soon :)